Hans Phillipp

Following his 86th victory claimed on 12 March 1942, Philipp became the first member of the Geschwader to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.[26] The Swords had been awarded only seven times before. The presentation on 5 April 1942 was again made by Hitler himself at the Wolfsschanze.[Note 7] By this date his total had increased further. On 31 March 1942, he became only the fourth Luftwaffe fighter pilot to achieve 100 victories.[27][Note 2] Spain. Perhaps more importantly, Trautloft was responsible for developing tactics for the deployment of the Bf 109 in service. He was awarded the Spanienkreuz in Gold mit Schwertern for his service in Spain. On his return to Germany, Trautloft served with different units, including winning the international round-the-alps air race in Switzerland as part of the “Dreier-Patrouille” flying Bf 109s, before being appointed Staffelkapitän of 12./JG 132 on 1 July 1938. 12./JG 132 was redesignated 2./JG 331 on 1 November 1938. At the outbreak of World War 2, Trautloft was serving with 2./JG 77. He participated in the Polish campaign. He gained his first victory in the new conflict when he shot down a Polish PZL P.23 attack aircraft near Warta. Trautloft was promoted to the rank of Hauptmann and became Gruppenkommandeur of I./JG 20 on 19 September 1939. He gained two victories with the unit during the French campaign. I./JG 20 was to be redesignated III./JG 51 on 4 July 1940. The Battle of Britain saw Trautloft record two further victories to raise his victory total to five in World War 2 and 10 overall. On 25 August 1940, Trautloft was appointed Kommodore of the newly formed JG 54, a post he would hold until July 5, 1943. He led the Jagdgeschwader during the remainder of the Battle of Britain. Trautloft flew 120 missions over the Channel before JG 54 was relocated to Germany for rest and refit. He recorded three further victories over England to raise his overall victory total to 13.

Following the presentation of the Swords, Philipp went on home leave. Again he was asked to make a number of propaganda appearances. On 1 May 1942, he spoke before his home school and before the Meissen youth at the Hamburger Hof. He, his mother and his fiancée were also invited to Meissen Town Hall on 30 April. Among other officials, present were the NSDAP-Kreisleiter (county leader) Helmut Böhme and the mayor of Meissen, Walter Kaule. Philipp was granted the privilege of signing the Meissen Golden Book (Goldenes Buch)—a book signed in German communities and cities by special guests of honor.[28]

Philipp returned to the Eastern Front at Krasnogwardejsk south of Leningrad and claimed his 101st to 103rd victories on 6 June 1942, which were mentioned in the Wehrmachtbericht on 7 June. His third mention in the Wehrmachtbericht on 27 June came after he achieved his 108th to 110th victories on 26 June. In addition to the references in the Wehrmachtbericht he received the German Cross in Gold on 29 June 1942.[29][Note 8] He also received the Croatian Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir (Red krune kralja Zvonimira) 2nd Class with Swords on 15 September 1942 for his work with the Croatian Air Force Legion's fighter unit commanded by Franjo Džal. On 14 January 1943, he claimed his 150th aerial victory. This led to the presentation of the Picture of the Reichsmarschall in Silver Frame (Bild des Reichsmarschalls im Silberrahmen) on 16 February 1943. His unit received the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 in February 1943. He quickly accumulated further victories, and on 17 March 1943, his 26th birthday, he claimed his 200th to 203rd enemy aircraft shot down, recognized by his fourth mention in the Wehrmachtbericht. He was the second pilot after Hermann Graf to achieve this mark, and at the time was the most successful fighter pilot of the Luftwaffe.[29].

Awards : Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross

                Oak Leaves and Swords

Units : JG 76, JG 54, JG 1

Source: http://www.luftwaffe.cz/trautloft.html

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