Explosion of the aspiration for power - mass murder - anguish - Destruction.

Nobody wants it but the youth is fascinated with it. Even in kindergarten, in the schoolyard, it starts with a scuffle, becomes harassment, then out right oppression by the stronger. Even animals are fighting for power, who is the strongest. This is followed, as after a forest fire, with a period for renewal. People, animals, fish, plants - all experience it. The three phases of Nature: New beginning, Growth, Striving for power - then a time passes to ensure survival - followed by withering and dying. Equality, Socialism, as Lenin and Marx wanted it failed. "Freedom" turned out to be a buzzword. Once created it became; inquisition, demagogic politicians (Stalin), leading the herd of sheep.

What has America, which has been born of wars, in mind with it's involvement with other countries ? Power! Why did the U.S. allied itself with Israel . Why has America interfered in a war between other nations, as for example Germany? The result was a 20-fold superiority over Germany and the modern concept of a War of Encirclement. Power, global power was sought, as previously by Hitler, Napoleon, Romans, English, Spanish, Religions, Islam .....

My son, about 5 years old, saw a TV western movie, discovered the power and effect of a firearm. He wanted a gun. So he got a toy cap gun. He went out to the neighborhood to play, but after a short time he was back in, whining and complaining: "The other kids are shooting back, I don't want that, I just want to be the one shooting ! "

To the horrific murderers monuments have been built. The millions driven from their homes are denied a memorial or even recognition. The submarine commander who torpedoed the Wilhelm Gustloff in the Baltic Sea, thousands of women and children, but not a warship, and Harris, who in Dresden and other targeted towns, murdered defenseless people and left others suffering into eternity.

Although the wars have winners that take the power, mankind it only hurts, even the peoples of the victors; Nothing has improved. Now it comes to retaining power and the decline has become clearly visible. Nostradamus and others have predicted, Asia is on the rise?

New beginning - of "Freedom" is the rhetoric: Just another slogan. Lenin and Marx called for social justice, but it was again a mighty power-mad regime, with a selfish feudal egotist in charge, with many serving him as Inquisitors and Dogmatists. The professions, that have power over other people, are the most highly prized.

Now I ask myself what the agonizing death of many of my comrades in the prime of their lives, and as family providers, and the many concentration camp victims, why; what has it improved ?

It was all about POWER.

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