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Operational Examples:

Meriküla, a bay near Narva. The Russians are fogging the bay, probably wanted to hide a landing. In haste we positioned two 3.5 cm rapid fire ‘quad’ artillery pieces . We had a longer range then their guns. Using Tracer rounds we selectively picked off individual attackers. They didn't announces themselves. They were not able to establish a  bridgehead. A pack of Stukas then took care of the rest

Attack helicopters were available yet, but battle aircraft, like the Russian IL 2 (Ilyushin). An armored low altitude and slow-flying aircraft with two cannons, and explosives and phosphorus bombs. By contrast, our Vierlingsflak (4x4 3.5 cm artillery ) was the only effective Weapon. Although difficult to damage, we finally got him from the sky.

In Schudowo, the infantry announced that there was lively activity in the forest opposite us, Russians troops. If the Russians attack, then mostly early at 5 clock. Like every night, continuously flares were shot. We brought by 4 clock, several of our 8.8 cm Flack guns in the position at 4:30 fired into the forest. Then we heard whimpering and crying out of the woods. There was no attack, and our infantry thanked us.

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