Steyr 1500 Kfz. 17 Radio Car

From the start of the rearmament of the German Army in the early 1930s, the benefits of motorized vehicles were realized and all efforts were made to provide the proper vehicles for the 'Blitzkrieg' style. One of the more basic vehicles employed by motorized units was the Steyr 1500A, a communications and rapid transportation vehicle. Thanks to its rugged construction and generally good design, a large number of these vehicles were produced. 12 450 Steyr 1500 A vehicles were produced in Austria between 1941-44. Additional 5600 were made by co-producer Auto-Union's Wanderer factory at Sigmar and Audi at Zwickau in Germany. Steyr 1500 A was produced in three main variants: light truck, infantry carrier and luxury command vehicle for high ranking officers (Kommandeurwagen Kfz.21). Some light trucks were mounted with bodies and were used as radio trucks, ambulances, repair wagons and field kitchens. They served in all Wehrmacht, SS, and Luftwaffe communications units until the end of the war. Their standard bodies were called “Einheitskofferaufbau”. Lot of them served as platform for 20 mm antiaircraft guns – FLAKs.

Steyr 1500 A was used on all fronts from Russia to North Africa. Commandeur - Cabriolet version was designated for the highest government and army officials.

Because truck served throughout WW II, there were applied all variants of German camouflages. In Europe there was Panzer Grau (RAL 6006) initially, while in Africa there was Sand. Panzer Grau was replaced by Dunkelgelb (RAL 7058) with green or brown mottles. Cars were overpainted by whitewash in the winter conditions.

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